Potato tortelli with mushroom

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  • 500 gr potato tortelli
  • 300 gr mushrooms
  • 100 gr butter
  • n.1 shallot finely chopped
  • n.1 glass of white wine
Buckwheat pasta
Filling: potatoes, Parmesan cheese, onion, basil, parsley, EVO oil, garlic, salt, pepper and nutmeg.
For 4 people
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation: 30 min
Cooking: 4/5 min
  1. Fry shallot in butter than add mushrooms
  2. Cook for 10 minutes on high heat and soften with white wine. Leave until evaporation
  3. Simmer for another 20 minutes, water down or add vegetable bouillon when needed
  4. Then, add cooked tortelli.