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Who we are

Tradition and innovation for unique products of ancient fragrance

Founded in 1981, La Sfoglia’s fresh pasta laboratory has been running under new management since 2017. We operate with success and enthusiasm moved by respect for the tradition and passion for good food. What used to be a small pasta laboratory today has become bigger, with the aim of satisfying all the requests of new and affectionate customers, making handmaking and tradition coexist perfectly with innovation and creativity, thanks to fresh and unique products with an ancient flavour.

The investment made has led to the creation of a new reality in Monti Urali street, of important dimensions and advanced equipment: an incubator that blends the mastery of the artisan realization of products still handmade with the ability to manage important productions. A laboratory that preserves the ancient recipes and invests in the continuous experimentation of new flavours for customers who always require something new.The laboratory has two welcoming and well-stocked shops, the Reggio Emilia store in the Villa Verde area, Rione dei C.L.N, 2 / d and the new Scandiano store in Piazza della Libertà 7 / d, easily accessible and equipped with parking. La Sfoglia shops are the ideal destination for those who love to savor artisan products at home that reflect the highest culinary traditions of our land, for a family lunch or for special events. In the stores, in addition to fresh pasta made in the laboratory, they offer a wide range of complementary food products all locally sourced and of the highest quality: Parmigiano Reggiano, ‘salumi’, wine, sauces and mustards, condiments, balsamic vinegar.

The Sfoglia, with the laboratory and the two stores, represents a tasty temptation for any type of customer: end users, supermarkets, catering activities and delight shops all over the national territory. Therefore, for all fresh pasta lovers who do not reside in our city, La Sfoglia’s laboratory offers a service of deliveries also outside the province and shipments throughout Italy.


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